Boat rental for private events

A place of inspiration and reflection

On a polluted and abandoned harbour-site we've build a sustainable and cultural oasis. It is a place for artists, creatives and green entrepreneurs. Together we're working to make De Ceuvel an inspirational site. Besides the Café there are different companies on the site with a public function. Below, we'll explain them shortly. 

Metabolic Lab



Metabolic Lab Crossboat Workship
Metabolic has played a pivotal role in building de Ceuvel and Metabolic Lab is a showcase for sustainable techniques and urban innovation. Workshops are available on Metabolic's consultancies in the area of circular economy or the techniques implemented on de Ceuvel. You can also rent the lab for  presentations, workshops and more. Metabolic Lab is rectangular space suitable for a maximum of 45 people (seated). It is equipped with wifi, a small kitchen, a projector, and a long, beautiful meeting table that can easily seat 20 people. The Crossboat is situated on the square of de Ceuvel. It is a multifunctional space with a special design by architects Space & Matter and designstudio Woodies at Berlin. It is an ideal space for meetings, brainstorms, worksessions, workshops, presentations and other events. The Crossboat offers space for a maximum of 50 people (seasted). There's a small kitchen, wifi, projector and flip-over.

The Workship is a space for cultural programming  and spiritual & training-activities. It has its own monthly cultural programme, but is also available for other events. It's a large studio and suitable for any activity. The space is equipped with a small stage for speakers or performers. There's also a high-quality projector, sound equipment, wifi, stage lights, a small kitchen, tables and 60 chairs. The workship can host a maximum of 70 people (seated - including on the stage).


Catering by Café de Ceuvel


Café de Ceuvel is right in the middle of De Ceuvel. All products used are organic, sustainable, fairtrade or of local origin. It's not possible to rent de Café for a private party or meeting. However, if you rent one of the other spaces on De Ceuvel for a meeting, presentation, workshop, or other event, we would love to serve you food and drinks.

(Non-alcoholic) drinks can be served on your boat and if you would like to dine, lunch or have a cold one after a long day, you can make a reservation with out staff at

For small groups, it's possible to order a la carte. For groups larger than 10 persons, we use a separate banqueting menu which you can download here.