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Carianne van Raak

Concept & Art Direction

I love to create campaigns that resonate with people. From smaller, genius ideas to bigger, creative strategies or complete integrated campaigns. I enjoy thinking about brands and their role in the world.

How do you realize change?
Carianne: “Brands can do great things. They can even make the world more beautiful.”

What can you do for me?
“We can help you do great things with your brand. Starting with a logo, website, commercial or activation. Ending with a complete integrated campaign.”

Why do you love the Ceuvel?
“The Ceuvel is a beautiful place for new initiatives with great people. Dynamic and sparkling.”

What is your favourite spot?
“I feel super happy sitting at the water in the sun.”

Carianne van Raak
+31 (0)6 4150 7555


Ilona van de Laarschot – Creative Concepts & Copywriting

Ilona creates (advertising) concepts. She prefers to work for optimistic brands and entrepreneurs. She writes powerful brand statements and brand stories.

How do you make a difference?
I believe in the power of creativity.
And in the quote “The pen is mightier than the sword”

What can I call you for?
For classic advertising issues, like a campaign for a brand or product, or other issues that need creative solutions. Product names. Creative (start-up) strategies. Brand statements, brand stories, and commercial copy or brand activation ideas.

Why do you feel at home on De Ceuvel?
De Ceuvel represents innovation, nature, pioneering and freedom. This place is full of inspiration and positive energy.

What is your favourite place at De Ceuvel?
I love the view from our boat. Seeing the water, the creativity starts to flow.

Ilona van de Laarschot 
+31 6 11321692