Start Yoga Basics Course

Start Yoga Basics Course

Have you been thinking about trying out a yoga class, but maybe you’ve never been sure how downward your dog should be?

Do you have a bit of yoga experience, but you’re overwhelmed by class sizes and would like a bit more personal attention & advice?

Have you left yoga classes wondering how you can apply the concepts in your daily life?

This course will streamline the art of learning yoga, covering the most important concepts, poses and techniques. Classes are accessible and motivating while setting the foundation of your practice for years to come. Featuring a systematic methodology that culminates in the ultimate practice:
* safe (alignment and anatomy based);
* personalised (max 12 students), and;
* holistic (integrating mindfulness, philosophy and breathing exercises).

Please feel free to reach out to me if you’re interested in a trial class.
* Call/Whatsapp: 0681715513
* Email:

Location: Workship @ De Ceuvel
Time & dates: Sundays 10:45-12:00; 13 oct – 1 dec

Concession (get in touch): € 80,-
Early bird (before 31 July): € 85,-
Late bird: € 95,-

13 October 2019

80,- / € 85,- / € 95,- (for 8 classes)


starts: 10:30

ends: 12:00