The Science of Happiness: Tools to Boost Mental Wellbeing

The Science of Happiness: Tools to Boost Mental Wellbeing

Have you ever wondered about what really makes you happy?

What are some of the scientifically proven ways to positively impact our level of happiness? Why do we sometimes miss out to have more engagement, presence and enjoyment in our life… and how to avoid that trap? How can we, with small and simple tools and techniques, build in more happiness and joy into our days?

In this 2h long positive psychology event we will explore all these topics in an engaging and interactive way. You will leave with better understanding of what are true sources of your happiness and with many practical ideas, tools, tips and tricks on how to infuse a bit more of happiness into your everyday life and work.

Learning goals:

you will learn what are scientifically confirmed sources of happiness

you will develop deeper understanding about which elements impact your happiness

get new ideas and practical ways to boost your happiness and positivity

you will learn how to introduce more mindfulness in your life and how it relates to happiness

you will develop more capacity for enjoyment and presence through mindfulness and gratitude

you will discover a set of tools that are, according to the science of happiness, effective at boosting our moods, emotion and happiness, that you can use with yourself or others

you will explore how to have more flow and engagement in your life

you will discover which of the tools works best for you personally

You will leave the event equipped with practical methods and techniques for building up your own level of happiness.

Join us to bring in more satisfaction and mindfulness, more flavour to your life, and deeper connections with people around you.

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About trainer & Happiness Academy:

Mirna Smidt is an interpersonal skills trainer and coach, specialising in positive psychology training and interventions, and a founder of Happiness Academy.

One of the first people in Europe holding a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, she is combining her academic knowledge with applied experience from 10+ years in a successful corporate career in advanced technologies in Cisco.

Being a certified trainer since 2008, she is also an NLP Master practitioner and holds a range of coaching and training related certifications. Mirna lives in Croatia but works internationally with organisations and individuals in several European countries. Absolutely in love with her work and positive psychology, Mirna brings a depth of knowledge, energy and enthusiasm in all of her workshops. Apart from training, she loves travelling, adventures and outdoors sports. Read more about Mirna at Happiness Academy page

Join us on this journey to find more satisfaction in everyday life!

P.S. Happiness is contagious, so bring your friends along 😉

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18 June 2019

8.50,- Early Bird. 12,-

De Ceuvel

starts: 19:00

ends: 21:00