Urban Farming Open Day

Urban Farming Open Day

// While we may only see skyscrapers and concrete sidewalks, the city secretly consists of a multitude of trees, gardens, bushes and tiny forests. We invite you to see the green side of the city, and together build a more resilient city that can take care of its own food needs by creating a city-wide edible infrastructure.

// Join us for the 2nd Urban Farming Open Day at De Ceuvel and learn to become an Urban Farmer! Just like last time, we are offering a range of interesting workshops. Learn all about fermentation, worm composting, garden & forest planning, water management, vertical gardening using aquaponics, and much, much more!

// De Ceuvel Greenhouse is a hub of nutrient cycling at De Ceuvel. In our greenhouse, fish, herbs and leafy greens are produced for the café. The greenhouse has been shut off all winter and will re-open this April! To celebrate the first seedlings going in, De Ceuvel, CityPlot, De Onkruidenier, Le Compostier, Fermentatie Festijnen & Metabolic are organizing this open day.

// We have a variety of workshops you can join. Below is the preliminary program, and soon we will be adding more activities. 

// Program overview
1. Cuttings Trade Exchange – Continuous throughout the day!
2. Introduction to Food Forest Design (EN/NL) – by CityPlot – 14:30-16:30
3. Planning and Growing an Edible Urban Garden (EN) – by CityPlot – 16:30-18:30
4. Water Management for Gardens & House Plants (EN/NL) – by CityPlot – 12:00-13:30
5. City Chickens (EN/NL) – by CityPlot – 17:00-18:00
6. We Love Wormpoo and Love to Tell You Why! – by StadsOogst Compost Coop – 14:30-16:30
7. The Edible City: From Park to Plate – by Buurtsuper De Onkruidenier – 13:00-14:00 & 15:00-16:00
8. Introduction to Fermentation – by Silvia van der Wal (Het Fermentatie Festijn) – 12:00-13:30
9. Introduction to Aquaponics – by Metabolic – 17:00-18:15

// Program specifics

1. Cuttings Trade Exchange 12:00 – 18:00
Bring your favorite plant cuttings and trade them with others for their cuttings! Expand your plant collection for free! Read more at:www.facebook.com/events/393907811075200

2. Introduction to Food Forest Design
Let’s create a scale model food forest!
By CityPlot: Friso van Overbeek

This beginners’ workshop teaches you how to create a scale model food forest for your back yard or larger plot of land. While we build the scale model food forest together, Friso will explain the theory and the practice of observation, designing, implementation and maintenance.

120 min / €15 / max. 10 participants

3. Planning and Growing an Edible Urban Garden
By CityPlot: Suzanne and Marie

Join us for an informative, hands-on and fun workshop on how to grow your own edible urban garden in small spaces like balconies, windowsills, allotments or roof terraces. Herbs, salads, vegetables, berries, edible flowers and a surprising variety of other plants can thrive with very little space if you know which plants to grow and how to care for them.

120 min / € 15 / max. 20 participants

4. Water Management
Keep your plants alive and healthy with good water management
By CityPlot: Marlies Dijkstra

In this workshop you will learn how to water the plants on your balcony or in your city garden. How not to let them drown or yearn for water? When and how to water depends on your specific situation. Marlies will show you why good water management is so important. She will also give tips and tricks to make your own water management systems out of simple materials, so you can be away for several days without worrying that your plants will die. Don’t have a garden or a balcony? This workshop is also suitable for indoor plants.

90 min / €15 / max. 10 participants

5. City Chickens
By CityPlot

Raising chickens in Amsterdam? Yes you can!
Chickens provide us with fresh eggs, fertilizer for the garden, they aerate soil,eat up your kitchen scraps and are fun and educational for children. In this introductory workshop we will look at breeds, housing, feeding and hygiene. All you need to know to keep happy, healthy, and productive chickens.

60 min / €8 / max. 15 participants

6. We Love Wormpoo & Love To Tell You Why!
By StadsOogst Compost Coop: Rowin and Chris

Make your own ‘Wormenpoep’ in your own DIY Worm Hotel made of recycled buckets. We’ll teach you how to take care of the composting worms so they will take care of your soil. In the workhop you will learn how to use the compost in your garden or use it as a starter for a Compost Tea to feed the soil life. Workshop includes materials & composting worms, optional is a starter-set for compost tea brewing. In addition participants will get a 25 % discount on the DIY building plans for a Le Compostier Worm Hotel.

120 min / € 25 / max. 20 participants 

7. The Edible City: From Park to Plate
By Buurtsuper De Onkruidenier

Our city is a jungle bursting with edible greenery. “De Onkruidenier” is a local supermarket which teaches you the basics in foraging for your food. The first open-air supermarket in the Netherlands shows how the urban wilderness can serve as a huge store cupboard, and by looking at a variety of spring plants you will learn to discover their various properties and uses. Together with Namiye Senol we will turn the harvest into delicious turkish gözleme whilst enjoying a delicious drink made from foraged weeds.

60 min / €12.50 / max. 15 participants

8. Introduction to Fermentation
By De Bakbrommer & Het Fermentatiefestijn: Silvia van der Wal

Do you want to learn about the wondrous microbes that rot our food in delicious ways? About the bacteria that help us make sauerkraut, cheese, coffee, chocolate and tea. These invisible creatures play the leading role in almost everything that is tasty and they are incredibly healthy for us. They are also very good at preserving food and thus combating food waste. In this workshop you will learn about these bacteria and how to work with them when you ferment vegetables. At the end of this lecture we make sauerkraut and pickles to learn the basics of those fermentation techniques. Bring your own left-over cabbages, tubers and jars (anything works, as long as it is glass and disinfected).

90 min / € 15 / max. 25 participants

9. Introduction to Aquaponics 
By Metabolic & De Ceuvel: Saro Van Cleynenbreugel

Our Greenhouse at de Ceuvel is running on an innovative aquaponics system. Aquaponics is based on the biological equilibrium between plants and fish. The plants filter and clean the water of the fish, while the fish provide nutrients for the plants. Saro Van Cleynenbreugel who has years of experience building and designing aquaponics systems, will give a short lecture on the theory, and show how de Ceuvel system operates.

75 min / € 15 / max. 20 participants

14 April 2018

Price varies per workshop

De Ceuvel

starts: 12:00

ends: 19:00