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Book a tour to learn more about De Ceuvel

At de Ceuvel we host private tours for interested individuals, schools, companies and other parties. Whether you're an architect, technical engineer, a high school student, or just a generally interested person: there will be someone at de Ceuvel that can explain our story in a way that's relevant to your background.

At the moment we have three different tours on offer:
1. De Ceuvel | The Circular City
2. Trough Noord | City District In Transition
3. The Dutch Weed Burger | Seaweed: The Green Gold

1. Tour of De Ceuvel | The Circular City

The tour covers the story of De Ceuvel. You will learn about sustainability & the circular economy, urban renewal strategies, architecture and communal experimentation and bottom-up development.

De Ceuvel is a self-developed incubator where sustainability and the circular economy are at the core of our mission. It is an experiment in urban renewal, a creative and cultural hotspot, a circular test lab, and a place to relax and be inspired. There is a micro-grid of interconnected solar panels where members can exchange power internally using blockchain technology, an aquaponics greenhouse, a biogas digester (under construction), 16 on-land boats retrofitted into creative workspaces, and a café-restaurant that is reckoned to be 'one of the most sustainable restaurants of Europe'. Meanwhile, the heavily polluted ground on which the site is built is being cleaned slowly by a special mix of purifying plants that extract the heavy metals and oils, spilled by the old ship wharf that used to be located here.

Prices & Info
During | 45-60 minutes
Capacity |groups up to 20 people per guide
Price* | €250 excl. VAT
*For schools & other non-profit organisations we charge €150 excl. VAT
For requests on weekends, we always charge the regular price.

Tour of Noord | City District in Transition

Besides a tour of our own site, we also like to take you through the district in which we are situated. We will show you a colourful area with many faces and which is transforming at the speed of light. De Ceuvel is one of the figureheads spearheading this transition and from our ship wharf, we see the change around us every day. Through the eyes of a 'Ceuvelaar', we will tell you the story of Noord as we experience it. Please note that while de Ceuvel is itself also part of this story, we won't go in-depth into our own history as much as with the tour of our own site.

Since time immemorial, the north bank of the river IJ was host to just a few scattered fishermen and farmer villages. At the end of the 19th century, the city of Amsterdam across the water started development of chemical and shipbuilding industries in what is now known as Amsterdam-Noord. In the early 20th century the first labourers' tenements were built as the Van Der Pekbuurt and Vogelwijk for the workers in these industries. Now, 100 years later, Buiksloterham is transforming from a new industrial zone into an urban environment suitable for comfortable living and creative working. Amsterdam-Noord is constantly listed atop of international listings of 'hippest hoods of the world'', as this interesting dynamic between old and new is being realized. The ambition is to turn this old industrial zone into a circular urban district. At the moment building production is at a historic high with many new building developments that are reshaping this part of the northern shore, they all have high circular ambitions as the city has made this an important criteria for building. The tour will take you along most of these exciting developments between ‘de Ceuvel’ and the ‘NDSM’.

Prices & Info
During | 150 minutes
Capacity |groups up to 20 people per guide
Price* | €350 excl. VAT
*For schools & other non-profit organisations we charge €250 excl. VAT
For requests on weekends, we always charge the regular price.

The Dutch Weed Burger | Seaweed: Green Gold

During this programme, the group will have a guided tour of De Ceuvel of approximately 20 minutes. Afterwards, you’ll go to the office of the Weed Vurger, where you’ll get a presentation from the founder of the Weed Burger. We will finish with a tasting of the Dutch Weed Burger and a glass of Kombucha.

The Dutch Weed Burger is one of the sustainable companies located on the site of the urban experiment De Ceuvel. Their goal is to bring the fun back in fundamentalism, speeding up the worldwide transition, by changing the way we eat, one bite at a time!  With this in mind, they have started a revolution in the fast-food industry in order to show the business community, politicians, NGOs, farmers and consumers that there are other opportunities on the horizon from which nature, animals and people can benefit.
As the name suggests, the Dutch Weed Burger is made of seaweed. This plant is a high-grade source of protein that does not require expensive agricultural land to be cultivated and that uses hardly any freshwater. It is therefore that seaweed is called the new green gold and scientists believe that this green plant can save our planet! 

Prices & Info
During | 90 minutes
Groups of 10 people or less | €325 excl. VAT
More than 10 people | For groups larger than 10 people, we charge €25 excl. VAT per person extra.


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