Amsterdam Music Project

How do you make the difference?
We provide a platform for artists of all levels — from the amateur singer-songwriters to the best talent in the Netherlands (and often give them a chance to share the stage!) — whilst breaking the conventions of the standard concert space and bringing new spaces to life through music.

What can people call you for?
Band/artist bookings, concert programming, concept design, festival design — essentially we support anything to do with small scale live music (up to 500 people).

Why do you feel at home at the Ceuvel?
Ceuvel is the birthplace of Beats on a Boat, our signature event. We also work together with other artists and musicians who are also based at de Ceuvel. Over the past 5 years, we have held hundreds of concerts at the cafe and Hupsaké, and worked together to bring more music to de Ceuvel.

What was your most unforgettable Ceuvel moment?
Beats on a Boat festival 2018!

Dean Medina 
t: 06 2815 0979