The only meat we serve is from geese culled and hunted at Schiphol Airport. Since 2018 our kitchen is no longer 100% vegetarian. We have always said that we’re a sustainable restaurant, and vegetarian food is the only logical sustainable food. There does exist some meat with which we can work, and that’s the meat of the Kitchen of the Unwanted Animal. Starting as an art project, they have now grown into a small business. The company brings meats to the market that would otherwise be thrown out, such as My Little Pony Burgers, and Louisiana Crawfish (an invasive species in Amsterdam). In our kitchen we only use Schiphol geese. This is meat from geese that are being hunted because they would otherwise end up in the jet engines of planes at Schiphol airport. We serve the Schiphol Goose because this meat would otherwise be destroyed, and to shine a new light on the debate about animal cruelty, flying, and sustainability. 

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