Buurderij De Ceuvel

Buurderij De Ceuvel

Every Tuesday and Saturday we organize a meet-up where the neighbours (Buren) of De Ceuvel can do their grocery shopping directly with the Farmers (Boeren) based in the local area. Through the platform boerenenburen.nl you can place your orders for fruit, veggies, bread, dairy, honey and other products. This way the farmers know exactly what to bring on Tuesday evening or Saturday morning. The farmers bring the products to De Ceuvel themselves, which creates a meeting space for our neighbours and the local farmers. 

Order before Wednesday night to pick-up your groceries on Saturday.
Order before Sunday night to pick-up your groceries on Tuesday. 
Watch out: Remember to check which day is selected before selecting your products. 

This way undercut the supermarkets and work towards creating a transparant food system. Urbanites learn where their food comes from and at the same time, producers get a fairer price for their produce. So many Amsterdammers don’t know what kind of fresh goods are available just around the corner, and De Buurderij is the perfect place to learn!

Buurderij De Ceuvel is facilitated by Boeren & Buren Nederland (‘The Food Assembly’ in the UK), and locally organized by Pieternel. 
More information, contact and orders: https://boerenenburen.nl/nl/assemblies/8844



Het Plein

starts: 17:00

ends: 19:00