For The Love of Fermentation – Sauerkraut Workshop

For The Love of Fermentation – Sauerkraut Workshop

Waste Not — You Can Pickle That!

****ATTENTION: This workshop has been re-scheduled from Sunday 15/1 to Sunday 19/2 due to a broken wrist & illness****
There is and has always been a wonderful world of fermentation. Bacteria are all around us and we and the world would be nothing without them. The Art of Fermentation is boundless, a process that is always occurring and has been adapted throughout history by countless cultures. Once used as only a means of survival and preservation, fermentation is just as important today as it was in our past. Not only is it a means to keep ourselves healthy, but fermentation will become a significant strategy into combating food waste by using our leftover produce and thus striving for a more circular way of thinking about food consumption and production.
Come join Kathe Kaczmarzyk from Levain Berlin (Berlin, Germany) for a hands-on fermentation evening at De Ceuvel of learning about the beauty of Sauerkraut! All produce will be sourced from leftover vegetables and everyone will be leaving the workshop with the knowledge for making Sauerkraut plus their very own jar of kraut they make that evening!
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19 February 2017

15,- + 1,- ticketservice

Metabolic Lab

starts: 13:00

ends: 15:00