Het Fermentatie Festijn: Lecture Fermentation Cultures Worldwide

Het Fermentatie Festijn: Lecture Fermentation Cultures Worldwide

On the 12th of November we’re proud to announce the lecture: Fermentation Cultures Worldwide, by Kathe Kaczmarzyk. This international ‘Fermentista’ is currently giving regular workshops in London where she is based, but has also hosted workshops recently in Berlin and Dublin. At the time of this lecture, she will just be back in Europe after an extensive workshop week in Mexico with a gang of lively fermentors and Sandor Katz, the Guru of the contemporary fermentation world.

Kathe will tell us about the different fermentation cultures she has encountered, studied, and learned about from various individuals worldwide in her career as a fer-mentor. The word ‘culture’ is meant here both in the microbiological sense (bacteria culture), as in the anthropological sense (cooking culture). 

On the one hand the lecture discusses the various ways different civilizations work with bacteria strains to preserve their foods. Because she has just returned from Mexico, Mexican fermentation techniques will of course feature prominently. But we will also discuss Asian ferments such as koji’s, tempehs, miso’s, etc. Of course, European traditions will also be treated and tasted.

Coupled to this historical exploration of worlds and cultures, Kathe will go into the biology of bacteria. In which ways did people take care of their microbiological capital, ie. bacteria? How do the different strains work, and develop themselves in the course of centuries?

Finally, we will discuss contemporary industrial fermentation. We will go into studies comparing pesticide-treated vegetables with organic produce. And we will discuss how fermentation can be seen as a sustainable cooking and preservation practice, and in that way, a circular technique.

The lecture is in English. Price is including the tasting. 
This lecture is also part of the 2-day workshop Fermentation For Beginners, starting on November 5.
The day before the lecture (November 11), Kathe gives a workshop Cultured Butter & Dairy Fermentation. See also: Cultured Butter Workshop 

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12 November 2017

€ 17,50 inc. tasting

Metabolic Lab

starts: 13:00

ends: 14:30