Het Fermentatie Festijn: Workshop Cultured Dairy & Butter Ferments

Het Fermentatie Festijn: Workshop Cultured Dairy & Butter Ferments

Every civilization has developed a fermentation culture. Before refrigeration was invented, cultures would transform produce around them in various ways to preserve it. Through various preservation methods with endless bounties, the adaption and incorporation of fermented foods in everyday life is extensive and diverse! This particular workshop delves into the wonderful world of fat and dairy ferments!

During the course:
-The workshop will begin with a discussion on general fermentation (history and health) with a focus on the various traditions of butter and dairy ferments. Other topics to be discussed will include saturated and unsaturated fats as well as health benefits of fats (in the aspects of “politically correct nutrition”) in the diet. What are good fats? What are bad fats? 

– During the discussion we will be tasting various yogurt cultures (European Heirloom, Turkish, and Viili), milk kefir, cultured cream, buttermilk, and cultured butter.

– After discussions we will move into making butter! All cultured cream and jars will be provided for everyone to shake up their own butter to take home. We will also be going over different tools that can be used for churning up some butter. 

There will be sourdough bread with butter for snacking away and tastings of all dairy ferments that will be discussed. All supplies are fully provided for the workshop.

Everyone will leave this workshop with the knowledge of various dairy ferments, a greater knowledge of fermentation with an understanding of these specific ferments and (in this case) fat in their diet, and their own jar of freshly made cultured butter.

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11 November 2017

€ 45,- inc. materials

Metabolic Lab

starts: 13:00

ends: 17:00