Street Symphony Orchestra // Ricciotti Ensemble

Street Symphony Orchestra // Ricciotti Ensemble

Sunday, July 31, the Ricciotti ensemble will play at Café de Ceuvel. The street symphony orchestra plays for people who, for whatever reason, have little or no contact with live symphonic music. Start your day with a breakfast accompanied by experimental classical music.

Since its founding in 1970, they have played everywhere and for everyone: on the streets, in the asylum seekers’ center, on the plane or in prison, and abroad. The ensemble consists of 43 young enthusiastic professional and amateur musicians who play along as volunteers.

After looking back at their history during the 51st anniversary in 2021, it is now time to look to the future! What will future music sound like? Is the music moving more towards electronics? Will music become more complex or more accessible? According to philosopher Confucius, the degree of
civilization of a society could be measured by the quality of the music a society produced. What impact will an increasingly diverse society have on the music of the future? These and other questions will be discussed during the futuratour.

The Futuratour brings you music that is trying to experiment in many areas or has been experimental in the past. A program with diverse styles and times. Experimental pieces by soloist Soheil Shayesteh, commissioned compositions by Peter Davis and Hinse Mutter with a participatory role for the audience, but also classical masters such as Debussy or Stravinsky who unleashed musical revolutions at the time. The same goes for innovators like Charlie Parker in jazz and Ibrahim Malouf in pop music. Inclusion of audiences through new improvisational techniques that we developed in the fall of 2021 will also be discussed, so be warned.

Soheil Shayesteh
Versatile Iranian composer and kamancheh player Soheil Shayesteh studied both Industrial Engineering and composition at the Amsterdam Conservatory. In his unique work he seeks the
connection between modern, improvisational techniques, traditional Persian music and experimental and interactive electronic elements. The result is an exciting mix of live played and electronic music that, through the use of the traditional instrument the kamancheh, is at once accessible and futuristic for the listener.

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31 July 2022


Café de Ceuvel

starts: 11:30

ends: 12:30