Urban Farming Open Day

Urban Farming Open Day

// While we may only see skyscrapers and concrete sidewalks, the city secretly consists of a multitude of trees, gardens, bushes and tiny forests. We invite you to see the green side of the city, and together build a more resilient city that can take care of its own food needs by creating a city-wide edible infrastructure.

// Join us for the 2nd Urban Farming Open Day at De Ceuvel and learn to become an Urban Farmer! Just like last time, we are offering a range of interesting workshops. Learn all about fermentation, worm composting, garden & forest planning, water management, vertical gardening using aquaponics, and much, much more!

// De Ceuvel Greenhouse is a hub of nutrient cycling at De Ceuvel. In our greenhouse, fish, herbs and leafy greens are produced for the café. The greenhouse has been shut off all winter and will re-open this April! To celebrate the first seedlings going in, De Ceuvel, CityPlot, De Onkruidenier, Le Compostier, Fermentatie Festijnen & Metabolic are organizing this open day.

// The Pollinators will distribute organic flower seed during Urban Farming Open Day. Large parts of our landscape contain no variety of food for insects and certain pesticides make the insects weak. By sowing many organic flowers we can increase biodiversity. That’s why The Pollinators are handing out kilos of seeds for bee-friendly flowers. On the square of de Ceuvel you can pick up your organic flower seeds with sowing instructions.

// We have a variety of workshops you can join varying from in-depth paid workshops to free short talks.

//Program overview

  1. De Wondere Wereld van de kleine beestjes – by City Plot – 12:00-13:00
  2. DIY Fertilizer– by City Plot– 12:30-13:30
  3. Aquaponics talk – by De Ceuvel – 13:00-13:20
  4. Introduction to Permaculture – by City Plot – 13:30-15:00
  5. (CANCELLED) Intro to worm composting – by City Plot – 14:00-15:00
  6. Phytoremediation talk – by De Ceuvel – 14:00-14:30
  7. Aquaponics talk – by De Ceuvel – 15:00-15:20
  8. Sprouting & Microgreens – by City Plot- 15:30-16:30
  9. Bijtjes en Insecten – by De Ceuvel – 15:30-16:00
  10. Planning and Growing an Edible Urban Garden – by City Plot – 16:00-17:30
  11. (CANCELLED) Spritual Ecology – by Bright Future Lab – 17:00-18:00


//Program specifics

  1. De Wondere Wereld van de kleine beestjes

By CityPlot: Sofie Blom

Did you know that a worm is a boy and a girl? Do you know how many kilos an ant can lift? What is a woodlouse actually good for?

And what kind of insects live at the Ceuvel? Together we will look for insects which live at the Ceuvel and we will learn more about the life of insects and how they help each other or not …. We will go out with a magnifying glass, and we will play an insect bingo and a quiz.

60min / €6 / kids (age 6-12) / max. 12 participants / NL

  1. DIY Fertilizer

By City Plot: Monai N. McCullough

Feeding your plants is one of the most important things you can do indoors and outdoors! but… What is fertilizer? What does it do?

In this workshop, participants will learn about what fertilizer is, what they do for your plants, and how to make fertilizer from food waste for indoor and outdoor plants and balconies. Participants will learn all about fertilizing plants and take home their own DIY fertilizer from Dutch Seaweed!

60min / €7 / max. 15 participants / EN

  1. Aquaponics (13:00-13:20 and 15:00-15:20)

By De Ceuvel: Andrei Beca

Have you ever heard about Aquaponics? The fish excretes are broken down into nutrients for the plants, and the plants provide a natural filter for the water the fish live in. Aquaponics is thus based on the natural symbiosis between plant and water life.

Do you want to learn more about it and see how it works in practice, then come and join us in our aquaponics Greenhouse during a free talk given by our aquaponics expert.

20min / free / max. 15 participants / EN

  1. Introduction to Permaculture

By CityPlot: Sofie Blom

Always wanted to know what Permaculture is all about? Learning how to design together with nature? What are the ethics and principles permaculture is based on? In this course we make a brief start with learning about Permaculture and besides some theory, we will practice observation and do a design exercise.

90min / €15 / max. 15 participants / EN

  1. (CANCELLED) Intro to worm composting

By City Plot: Kylie Verkaart

Nobody likes worms… okay, some people like worms – but do you know who REALLY likes worms? The environment. Worms keep our world turning because they can turn

pretty much any food scraps into a big ol’ bundle of nutrition: COMPOST. In this workshop we’ll give you a comprehensive introduction into what it takes to keep worms at home and what is required to make your own hotel at home.

60min / €10 / max. 20 participants / EN

  1. Intro to Phytoremediation

By De Ceuvel: Anke Wijnja

Like many areas of Buiksloterham, the area underneath de Ceuvel is polluted by almost a century of heavy industry. Normally such polluted ground is removed and mixed with clean ground, thus moving the problem to another space. De Ceuvel applies a different technique by using plants that are known to be particularly good at absorbing these pollutants through their roots.

The phytoremediation expert of de Ceuvel will tell you all about our park and the process

20min / free / max. 15 participants / NL

  1. Sprouting & Microgreens

By CityPlot: Eva

Everyone can grow sprouts and micro vegetables! You do not need green fingers or even a garden or balcony. It can be done in any house. Young plants and sprouted seeds are full of nutrients and give your body a much needed boost. Eva will teach you how easy, tasty and healthy it is to grow your own micro-vegetables and sprouts. You’ll go home with everything you need to start sprouting.

60min / €15 / max. 10 participants / EN / NL

  1. Bijtjes en Insecten

By De Ceuvel: Tom van de Beek

Do you want to learn more about bees and insects around us? During this free tour you will learn more about biodiversity and the ways we can stimulate it. Tom van de Beek is also the driving force behind The Pollinators and the National Sowing Day and will also tell you a bit about the buzzing plans.

20min / Free / max. 15 participants / NL

  1. Planning and Growing an Edible Urban Garden

By CityPlot: Suzanne Oommen

Join us for an informative, hands-on and fun workshop on how to grow your own edible, urban garden in small spaces like balconies, window sills, allotments or roof terraces. Herbs, salads, vegetables, berries, edible flowers and a surprising variety of other plants can thrive with very little space if you know which plants to grow and how to care for them. This workshop is suitable for both beginners and gardeners with some experience.

You’ll leave with a customized crop plan and seeds, ready to start growing and eating clean healthy food!

90min / €15 / max. 20 participants / EN

  1. (CANCELLED) Spiritual Ecology

By Bright Future Lab: Maaike Boumans

This workshop is a light introduction into the body of work of Spiritual Ecology. How can we face the mess we are in and not go crazy? How can we re-integrate spiritual values in our everyday life? How can we bring back the sacred and our connection to nature, living a city life? Spiritual Ecology is about living in peaceful relationship with yourself and the world around you. Building on the work of Joanna Macy, John D. Liu, Charles Eisenstein and others, this workshop combines dialogue, exercises and reflection.

60min / €10 / max. 20 participants / EN            

Tickets can be ordered via https://www.ticketkantoor.nl/shop/urbanfarmingopen  


20 April 2019


De Ceuvel

starts: 12:00

ends: 18:00