Workshop Breathwork

Workshop Breathwork

Do you want to release stress and tension? Here’s a chance to fully connect to your body and look at all the stuff that is holding you back.

In this beautiful breathwork circle, Liesje Brand and Essa Bloemers bring two worlds together: breathwork and shiatsu. During our breathwork circles, you can learn powerful breathing techniques and exercises to fully connect to your body and your life force energy.

– Wear warm, easy fitting clothes and warm socks
– Take your favourite warm blanket (it can be chilly)
– We will make sure there’s tea and some snacks
– We have 8 spots in our circles, so that everyone gets a lot of personal attention
– The circle is in Dutch or English (depending on the group)


€ 35,-
Ticket link down below

Out of precaution we don’t recommend to take part in breathwork sessions when you:
– Are pregnant
– Have any cardiovascular issues
– Suffer from epilepsy
– Have serious health or mental issues

Once Liesje and Essa were colleagues at IDFA, until they both saw the light and gave each other a kick in the butt. They both quit their jobs to do the thing that really fitted them. Both already have quite some experience in body- and breathwork, so they decided to join forces.

Liesje is a shiatsu masseuse and gives in-company chair massages and health advice. She also has a deep passion for breathwork (like the Wim Hof Method).

Essa is a breathwork facilitator; she guides people during individual breathwork sessions. She is also a holistic masseuse and yoga Nidra teacher.

Please contact Essa at

4 March 2020


Metabolic Lab

starts: 19:00

ends: 21:30