World Disco Soup Day 2019

World Disco Soup Day 2019

Let’s get wasted!! This year we celebrate Kingsday doing what we do best: Fight food waste while dancing to disco music! For the third year in row we organize World Disco Soup Day, the worldwide event where we fight food waste by dancing! The average consumer wastes 50 kilo of good food per person every year, and we throw out so much food that is still edible and not ready for trash at all! So join us on this day where the whole world is fighting against food waste and eating free soups: From Uganda to Brazil, from Japan to Switzerland.

This year the party is held at De Ceuvel in Amsterdam-Noord. This is the place to be with funky music played by DJ Stefnitz and bad food jokes made by MC Benji B, where you can dance with all your favorite food waste warriors, taste delicious soups of circular chefs and escape the packed centre of Amsterdam.

Interested in helping out with cutting and cooking the veggies or organising the party? Or do you know a place where veggies can be rescued from the bin? Mail us at Follow this event to keep updated on the program of the day and let’s fill bellies instead of bins!!

Entrance and soups are free!

Joining forces are:

SFYN Amsterdam
SFYN Nederland
SFYN International
De Ceuvel
Food Circle
Sapient Social business
Taste Before You Waste
Guerilla Kitchen

27 April 2019


De Ceuvel

starts: 13:00

ends: 20:00