Buy and donate


Of course, we can’t do all this on our own. The foundation Family on a Mission, consisting of three women, has been taking care of the Mandela Kids for 1.5 years and is now also looking after the care and organization at De Ceuvel. Let’s collect as many donations as possible to make sure these women can continue to take care of the group! We are happy to announce that you will receive a socially sustainably produced product from the Mandela Kids as a thank you in return for your donation.

On the square of De Ceuvel, we opened a small donation shop. If you donate 10 euros, you can choose a homemade bracelet or mouth cap. In the shop, you can also donate 10 euros and take home 200 gr coffee from KAAP KOFFIE. Of the income from the coffee, 70% is donated to the Mandela Kids.

Sadly, it’s not possible to sell through the website. The webshop now serves as a showcase of the beautiful products that the boys have made or packed for you. Would you like more information about the product? Then click on the image.