Rondleiding & Sustainability DNA Game

Rondleiding & Sustainability DNA Game




De tour combined with the sustainability game is a playful exploration of systemic sustainable solutions to design your own sustainable DNA. We start the day with a  regular tour. After a short break, we will start in one of the office boats of de Ceuvel with the Sustainability DNA Game. The game is designed by architect Amber Beernink, established at de Ceuvel. The sessions will be hosted by a trained guide and DNA consultant of de Ceuvel. The goal is to develop a plan to turn green ambitions into actions and solutions. The game starts with a focus question from the organisation. Ideas from group members are freely ventilated. They are linked, contextualized and sharpened. Smaller teams then compete. Which action plan wins? The game cards reflect the DNA of global sustainable innovations: success proven.


Duration | 2,5 hours total Price | € 500 incl VAT Capacity | Maximum of 15 per group Price includes the regular tour *For educational and other non-profits, a special price of € 360 applies Tours can be conducted in Dutch or English