Virtual tour

Virtual tour




At de Ceuvel we host private tours for interested individuals, schools, companies and other parties. Whether you’re an architect, technical engineer, a high school student, or just a generally interested person: there will be someone at de Ceuvel that can explain our story in a way that’s relevant to your background.

The tour covers the story of De Ceuvel. You will learn about sustainability & the circular economy, urban renewal strategies, architecture and communal experimentation and bottom-up development. Our virtual tour of de Ceuvel was developed during the corona lockdown. Instead of physically visiting our site, we can show you around online! The virtual tour, or webinar, is conducted in a Zoom meeting. Our guide welcomes you in this virtual environment at a time and date of your convenience. Using photos, videos and illustrations unavailable elsewhere, we tell the story of our unique site. There will be ample time for questions and conversations with the live tour guide.



Duration | 45-60 minutes
Price | € 275 incl. VAT per tour
*Special discounted price of € 200 incl VAT for educational organizations and other non-profits After booking, a Zoom meeting will be created automatically


All bookable times are in Amsterdam local time, or CET (Central European Time).