Virtual tour

Not in Amsterdam? Do you organize a digital conference, online event or virtual classroom? Our virtual tour is the perfect sustainable story for your program.

At de Ceuvel we organize guided tours for interested schools, individuals, companies and other groups. Whether you are an architect, engineer, student, or generally interested person: there is someone at de Ceuvel who can explain our story in a way that is relevant to your background.

During the tour of the Ceuvel you will learn about sustainability and the circular economy, urban renewal, architecture, community experiments and bottom-up development. Our virtual tour was developed during the corona lockdown. Instead of a physical visit, we can show you everything online. The virtual tour takes the form of a webinar, which is held as a Zoom meeting. Our guide welcomes you at a moment of your convenience. We use photos, exclusive videos and illustrations to tell our unique story. There is room for questions and conversations with the presenter.

Prices & Info

Duration | 45-60 minutes
Price | € 275 incl. VAT per tour
*For schools & other non-profit organizations we charge €175 incl vat
We always charge the regular price for requests during the weekend.

The webinar can be given in a classroom format (all participants are in the same room and watch on a large screen) or in fully online form (each participant sits behind their own screen).