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Onze verontschuldigingen, dit bericht is alleen beschikbaar in English.

Society De Ceuvel has become a Zoöp*! From now on, we are an organisation in which we humans cooperate with ‘other-than-human’ life. So we decide together with the plants, animals and elements around us what we do and don’t do. *(Zoë is Greek for ‘life’, and co-op for cooperation). As Zoöp, we thus contribute to ecological ‘regeneration’: with our actions, we want to support and improve the health of species communities in our environment. Preferably in the ground, as well as in water, on land and in the air. Read more about the Zoöp De Ceuvel.

As Zoöp, we do this by including a Speaker for the Living in our organisation, as an advisor and ecological counselor in important decisions. This Speaker for the Living represents other-than-human life. To the best of our ability, this Speaker will help translate the interests of other-than-human life into what we should and should not do. It goes without saying that such a person has a lot of knowledge of ecology, animal behaviour and the like.

Our Speaker of the Living is Thijs de Zeeuw – of Ambassade van de Noordzee and the new lion enclosure at Artis, among others. Together with him, we will map out who else actually lives (grows, swims, walks, flies) on De Ceuvel and what these creatures can tell us. Throughout the year
through the year, we will support them wherever possible so that, step by step, we are increasingly truly living together with the life around us. As Zoöp, we are not alone: together with other Zoöps, we are working on the transformation of our economy into a regenerative (restorative) human-inclusive ecosystem, a
network of exchange of matter, energy and meaning that nourishes all beings. (This is a free translation of the Zoop Manifesto we signed)

During the festive opening of De Ceuvel as Zoöp, children made a video report under the guidance of the Kabaalmakers. See the result here.

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Zoöp Manifesto

We are a Zoöp – an organisation in which humans collaborate with other-than-human life.

As a Zoöp we contribute to ecological regeneration. In all of our actions we aim to support the health of multi-species communities in the ground, in the water, on the land and in the air.

As a Zoöp we anchor this principle in our practice by including a Speaker for the Living as an advisor, teacher and board observer in our organisation.

The Speaker for the Living acts as a representative of the other-than-human life in the spatial and operational sphere of our organisation. To the best of their abilities, the Speaker will help to translate the interests of other-than-human life to what we do and should not do.

As a Zoöp we follow the Zoönomic Annual Cycle and perform interventions that will foster the ecological integrity of our Zoöp and its surroundings.

Zoöp is short for Zoöperation: coöperation with zoë – (Greek for ‘life’) Together with other Zoöps we work towards the transformation of our economy into a regenerative human-inclusive ecosystem, a network of exchange of matter, energy and meaning that supports all bodies in their existence.

22 April 2022