Metabolic Masterclass: Building Circular Food Systems

Metabolic Masterclass: Building Circular Food Systems

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Take part in Metabolic Masterclasses in Circular Economy Week!

The Dutch Week of the Circular Economy (15th to 19th January) is an annual celebration of the opportunities of the circular economy and a chance to inform more people on how to get involved. Events will be taking place across the Netherlands, and Metabolic will also be announcing a number of new circular projects and programs during the week. To enable more people to join in, Metabolic is hosting two masterclasses from its suite of educational programs at a discounted rate. Spaces are limited so book fast.

Metabolic Masterclasses have been developed to help us more rapidly achieve our mission of building a sustainable economy. Our Masterclasses provide the knowledge and skills to understand and act on the most fundamental principles of sustainability. Led by our expert consultants, the half-day classes combines both theory and practical elements, backed up by live case studies, and they have been designed to ensure participants can start applying these concepts immediately.

During Week van Circulaire Economie 2018, we are holding two Masterclasses, both on Wednesday 17th January. The masterclasses are held at Metabolic Lab, our playground of applied sustainability at De Ceuvel in Amsterdam.

Building Circular Food Systems: 2.00pm, Wednesday 17 January
Taking you through the food system and helping you apply the lessons. We use our own experience, such as developing polydomes, aquaponics systems and a food forest, to highlight living examples and pitfalls of urban agriculture. And we share our experience working with cities, regions and industry leaders on developing transformative strategies around food, as well as our in-depth analysis of the global system. Learn from the experts about the root causes and how systems can guide us to alternative and resilient agriculture practices.

Tickets and more information here.

We are also offering two spots in the class free to start-ups and entrepreneurs who can tell us how the class could help impact their work. Comment via this link to be considered for the spots and share the post with friends who would benefit from these classes!

Spaces are limited to 15 at each class so book early. And share this with friends you think would benefit from the lessons.
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17 January 2018


Metabolic Lab

starts: 14.00

ends: 17.30