Beats & Beans

Beats & Beans

Onze verontschuldigingen, dit bericht is alleen beschikbaar in Amerikaans Engels.

BEATS & BEANS wants to welcome you to the best of both worlds:
Music & Chocolate. 

BEATS is represented by Mame N’Diack Thiam together with his musical invite Azubike Onwuka. Read more about the two amazing musicians below.

BEANS is represented by Malou Malou, the woman behind Macao Movement – a bean-to-bar Amsterdam based chocolate making company.

Mame N’Diack Thiam and Azubike Onwuka take you on a medicinal music journey. Mame’s roots as a griot from Senegal -a hereditary historian caste entrusted with preserving the people’s culture and traditions- fill up the space with a profound feeling of nature and music as medicine. His voice and magic on the tamma (talking drum) are accompanied by Azubike on the bass.

Azubike Onwuka, born in Amsterdam, is a bass player with Nigerian and Dutch ancestry. Having been raised in Amsterdam Zuidoost, one of the most culturally diverse areas of the Netherlands, he naturally became interested in different cultures which has lead him to play with musicians from
many different musical traditions from all over the world.
His music embodies the vision that underneath the many different cultural identities that we may carry with us, we all share the same humanity.


Malou Malou is a passionate Amsterdam based chocolate maker. She is one of the few people in the Netherlands who starts the process of chocolate making from the beans, by carefully selecting them based on their origin and quality. From these beans she crafts cacao drinks, chocolate bars and other tasty deliciousness. She brings her knowledge of the chocolate-making craft and will prepare for you a cold “bean-to-cup” chocolate drink. Besides that, she will bring some of her latest inventions which you can buy and bring home or munch on during the music. Read more about her one-woman company Macao Movement on her Facebook or website

All-inclusive price for music & chocolate: 12,50
Tickets can be bought online through the webshop of Macao Movement:

9 August 2020



starts: 16:30

ends: 18:30