Beats on a Boat vol.10

Beats on a Boat vol.10

Onze verontschuldigingen, dit bericht is alleen beschikbaar in English.

We’ve missed you all…

Beats on a Boat began on a summer’s evening in 2016 with 30 music lovers dancing and singing into the night. It’s been a crazy journey so far with intimate concerts, mini-festivals, after hourjam sessions, but no matter the size, BoaB has always been filled with beautiful people coming together over music, storytelling and art… on a boat. And we can’t wait to bring it back.

This will be the 10th edition and we are excited to start the new year with something special. To keep in line with the time of year we are going back to our roots and keeping it all ‘gezellig’ (cosy) – and that means just 30 tickets are going on sale.

So, once more, it’s time to experience “a timeless event of Iive music, movement and words that remind us of what we can have when we turn off our phones.”

The Lineup:

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16 February 2018


Hermen's Boat

starts: 19:30

ends: 23:00