Ceuvel Sessions // A Night Of Jazz // Hila Hutmacher Band

Ceuvel Sessions // A Night Of Jazz // Hila Hutmacher Band


Gratis live muziek in het gezellige Café de Ceuvel aan het water! Café de Ceuvel en AMP vormen samen Ceuvel Sessions. Van dancehall tot jazz tot funk tot house tot opera. Wil je erbij zijn? Reserveer dan via de pop-up linksonder een plekje in het cafe.

Hila Hutmacher band is a quintet lead by Hila, an Israeli singer and composer, MA graduate student from the CvA. The band consists of five musicians from Conservatory van Amsterdam. Julian Wittich , Massimo Imperatore, Elena Pisano and Joao Guerra and Hila Hutmacher.

The colorful cultural backgrounds of the five band members (Taiwan, Italy, Portugal and Israel) crystalize into one unique texture of multicultural album. Hila Herslef was brought up in a multicultural house of Argentinian-Romanian parents in Israel and as a child, was influenced by South American, classical music, Israeli folk music, Jazz and Middle Eastern music. ‘strangers in my dreams’ is the first song of the album and it tells a story of a vivid dreamer. It questions the place of dreams in our lives. The songs in the album invite us to think of the magical circle of the subconsciousness and the everyday life’s choices we make.


14 April 2022


Café de Ceuvel

starts: 20:30

ends: 21:30