Ceuvel Sessions: Legends of Gypsy Jazz

Ceuvel Sessions: Legends of Gypsy Jazz

Onze verontschuldigingen, dit bericht is alleen beschikbaar in Amerikaans Engels.

After a long summer break, we’re back with a special edition of Ceuvel Sessions featuring Legends of Gypsy Jazz at Café de Ceuvel!

Feigeli Prisor (guitar)
Sendelo Schäfer (rhythm guitar)
Irene Ypenburg (vocals, guitar)
Govert Veltkamp (double bass)
Wattie Rosenberg (violin)

Free Entry.


More about the artists:

Feigeli Prisor is a legend. As a small child, he regularly retired to the
solitude of the woods surrounding the camp where his family lived. His father told him that that is the place where he could really learn to master the guitar. He is internationally recognized as a master.

Sendelo Schäfer, from the well known musical Schäfer family, is known as Feigeli Prisor’s dedicated rhythm guitarist.

Irene Ypenburg started to play only about 6 years ago, but soon found her way in the gypsy jazz community and is now invited all over the world to play the guitar as well as to sing the Sinti traditionals and her own compositions. Her CD with only originals will be released this year, featuring among others: Feigeli Prisor, Paulus Schäfer, Nousche Rosenberg, Mozes Rosenberg, Stephane Wrembel and Robin Nolan.

Govert Veltkamp is an accomplished and sought-after bass player. He is a performer at important festivals in Europe like the Django Reinhardt Festival in Samois, Amsterdam Uitmarkt, Django Festival Hildesheim (Germany) and the famous North Sea Jazz festival.

Violinist Wattie Rosenberg is part of the famous Rosenberg family. His unique sound has a true Sinti feel to it. An absolute virtuoso and a perfect addition to the collective this night.

27 October 2019


Café de Ceuvel

starts: 20:00

ends: 22:30