Greendoc – Interventions to Connect – Second Round

Greendoc – Interventions to Connect – Second Round

Onze verontschuldigingen, dit bericht is alleen beschikbaar in Amerikaans Engels.

In premiere! Two films that want to inspire you to connect. Because of the special interest we will perform this program 2 times on Saturday, July 25th. Per round 15 people can participate. Get your ticket trough the ticketlink.

Start first round: 15.00
Start second round: 17.00

Compostier’s first international Worm Hotel pilot was held last summer in Oslo, Norway. On invitations of Nabolagshager we build three DIY Worm Hotels together with youth from the neighbourhood Grönland. Joeri Bleumer ( traveled with us to document the connections made between people & local organisations. We are proud to present this short film about this social & green intervention in the city of Oslo during a small event this Sunday afternoon at De Ceuvel in Amsterdam Noord.

In 2019 the Special Edition Wool Symposium was held in Spain at the estate El Arreciado. During this artist in residence Mariel Bisschops invited outsider artist to work together with other artists. The proces & experiment during this artist in residence allowed for new connections & insights on human relations to grow. The Special Edition Woolsymposium was a co-creation of Mariel Bisschops, David Iserief, Iraida Cano & Beatriz Blance

In a time where we are super-connected through social media & other technology, it seems some times we can lose connection with our own selves, surroundings & nature. Two small movies are shown this afternoon that portray ways in which we can live in closer connection with ourselves, our neighbour & our surroundings. We like to invite you to come & be inspired to get connected!

After the viewing of the films there will be a short workshop that aims to reconnect with self and our environment. You are invited to take part in some exercises that are inspired by the work of Joanna Macy. Admission to this event is free! Donations to De Ceuvel are welcome.

Some exercises are done in couples. We kindly ask you to come to the viewing together with a ‘housemate’ so you can do these exercises together.

We hope to see you at De Ceuvel,
Rowin Snijder & David Iserief

25 July 2020



starts: 17:00

ends: 18:30