Workshop | Living Life by Your Own Design

Workshop | Living Life by Your Own Design

Onze verontschuldigingen, dit bericht is alleen beschikbaar in Amerikaans Engels.

How can I design my personal and professional life centred around fulfilment and joy, guided by my personal goals and unique standards of success and happiness? And while doing so, how do I take on the countless daily challenges and decisions from a place of confidence and strength? 
The Global Young Leaders training is about learning from and working with other young people to create exactly those practical approaches, solutions and tools that are relevant for you, and applicable to your direct real-world experiences.
Together with a diverse group of 15 young people (18-28) we’ll connect, share life experiences, work to increase self-directedness, and take charge over your personal and professional life through your decision-making.

23 November 2019


Metabolic Lab

starts: 13:00

ends: 16:30