GREENDOC screening: “500 Years – a life in resistance”

GREENDOC screening: “500 Years – a life in resistance”

Onze verontschuldigingen, dit bericht is alleen beschikbaar in Amerikaans Engels.

Watching the documentary “500 Years – a life in resistance” will be our entry point when we open up a discussion and contextualize the role of the people in the Global South. We will chronologically dive into the lived past and present of Guatemala through the lens of the documentary, making an example of what happens when financial and international interests take the government away from the people, and how this impacts a democracy.

We see great potential for a collective, critical analysis of where the missing links between the Global South and North are, and how we can start to connect them. A great deal of the news we consume regarding climate change is related to the Global South, but often the lack of context ends up distorting the reality of the struggle, causing more harm than help. Therefore, we see it fitting to link together these two geopolitical areas in order to understand the issue of climate and social justice as one single issue, that we are facing together. We wish to strengthen the bonds through an open platform where thoughts and solutions can be proposed, shared and listened to.

With this event, we aim to raise awareness, share our knowledge and thoughts and also try to collect money for the implementation of a community open education centre for regenerative and sustainable agriculture (permaculture) based in Barra el Jiote, Guatemala. So bring your friends along and enjoy an inspiring even with us!

17 November 2019

Suggested Donation > 5,-

Metabolic Lab

starts: 17:00

ends: 18:30