Cancelled – Is burnout real? – A systematic approach to Heal and Thrive

Cancelled – Is burnout real? – A systematic approach to Heal and Thrive

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Burnout – a syndrome resulting from unsuccessfully managed chronic workplace stress – is often misunderstood, unrecognized and poorly addressed. Burnout has three distinct dimensions 1) overwhelming exhaustion; 2) cynicism and detachment and 3) intense feelings of inefficacy/ inadequacy. Unfortunately, most people and programs are only familiar with the exhaustion component of burnout, and only focus on managing that component as the easiest one to target. That leads to poor prevention, slower healing, low-efficiency in recovery and greater expenditure costs. As an alternative, I offer a systematic healing approach with scientific evidence, practical tools and training in all three dimensions, giving you the tools and knowledge to successfully heal burnout.

This event will introduce you to burnout the right way – discuss what burnout really is, how it is related to stress but different from exhaustion, what are the factors in burnout, how can we better address all three dimensions of burnout, how to prevent, identify and heal, and how to support those around us suffering from burnout.

You will be taken through group and individual games that will help you leave with practical, applicable directions. Opportunities for future support with your personal cases will be provided.

One of the biggest issues with burnout is that it makes us feel inadequate, alone, disconnected and misunderstood. Added benefits to this event are the opportunities to connect with others, rediscover your strength and get inspired about all you can do.

1. Is Burnout real? What is it? How big is it?
2. Factors in Burnout
3. Stress and Burnout
4. Burnout Dimensions
5. Tools for Burnout Management
6. Tools for supporting someone with burnout.
7. Discussion

Understand what really burnout is.
How burnout is different than regular exhaustion.
Dimensions of burnout Factors in burnout.
Practical tools for burnout management: Identification, Symptoms, Prevention, Recovery Opportunities for future support with personal case and further burnout learning.

When: April 1, 2020 at 19:00/7pm.
Where: Metabolic Lab Boat at De Ceuvel
Price: Early Bird Tickets: 15 Euro
Duration: 2 hours

I am a therapeutic storyteller, holistic health coach and burnout expert with 10 years of experience in combining meditation, art and play therapies in New York, Berlin, Bulgaria, and now Amsterdam. I am also a theater performer and writer. I have developed a systematic thinking way to help individuals and organizations to be more effective in dealing with stress, burnouts, grief, trauma, and develop critical mindfulness, connection, communication, empathy and creativity skills. Some of my favorite cases are devising burnout programs for medical students/women empowerment with Dr. Seema Desai, developing meditation health programs for apps/insurance companies in Berlin, and creating empathy, creativity and science classes for students in NYC.


1 April 2020


Metabolic Lab

starts: 19:00

ends: 21:00