Masterclass: Designing the Circular Cities of the Future

Masterclass: Designing the Circular Cities of the Future

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Metabolic is one of the founding members of de Ceuvel and was responsible for its sustainability design and implementation. Core to our mission at Metabolic is sharing the insights and knowledge generated through our work with both leaders and new starters in the circular economy field. Our Masterclass Designing the Circular Cities of the Future focuses specifically on how the circular economy relates to urban environments. With cities as rapidly-growing, resource-intensive hubs, it explores how we can plan urban environments with regenerative design as the priority.

About the class

While cities occupy only 3% of the Earth’s surface area, they house more than half of the world’s population, consume over 75% of the global resources and are responsible for up to 80% of greenhouse emissions. Understanding these statistics, we can see that cities are one of the most critical intervention points for reducing human impact on the environment, creating sustainable local economies, and increasing the average quality of human life.

This 3.5 hour Masterclass provides the skills and theory on how to design, develop and implement circular cities of the future. We provide a crash course on the principles and theory of urban metabolisms and circular city development, analyzing relevant case studies such as De Ceuvel, Schoonschip and Circular Buiksloterham – projects that Metabolic has helped pioneer – as well as international examples like Rotterdam and the city of Charlotte (USA), to explore these design principles in practice.

What you’ll leave with

  • Insider information about the common pitfalls, benefits, and barriers to transitioning cities to perform at high circularity, with lessons from relevant and practical case studies.
  • A clear understanding of the nuances of local stakeholder management necessary for making progress on a local circular economy.
  • Reliable strategies to identify low-hanging fruit and design pilots that educate, build support, and accelerate the transition.


GerardPicture 1024x1024 - Kick-start 2019 with a Circular Cities Masterclass

Gerard Roemers leads the Metabolic Cities team. He has a background in spatial planning as well as industrial ecology, and specializes in urban and regional metabolism analysis, developing strategies to transition cities and regions towards a circular and sustainable state. Gerard has worked with dozens of cities and regions across the Netherlands and Europe. He is involved in academic research with the AMS Institute, and organizes an international Summer School with the University of Amsterdam on ‘The Circular City‘.


Photo Tamara v02 CB - Kick-start 2019 with a Circular Cities Masterclass

Tamara Streefland is Metabolic’s Cities Program Lead. Over the past five years Tamara has worked across a wide range of projects relating to sustainable cities, focusing on topics such as water ecology, the freight sector, waste systems and renewable energy – in Amsterdam, New York City and other urban hubs across the world. In these projects, she conducted comprehensive systems analyses, in-depth research, and collaborative design as a basis for creative and feasible strategies towards a more sustainable and circular state.

Need to know

  • Date: Friday 18 January 2019
  • Time: 09:30 – 13:00
  • Venue: Metabolic Lab at De Ceuvel
  • Price: 150 euros
  • Participants: Maximum 15 – register asap to avoid missing out!

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18 January 2019


Metabolic Lab

starts: 09:30

ends: 13:00