Workshop: Meaningful Work and Money

Workshop: Meaningful Work and Money

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How to do what you love, contribute to society and make it your living?

Do you wonder how you can have a greater impact through your work and support the change you want to see in the world? Do you feel you might be ready for a next step in your life? Learn what unique gifts you bring to this world, what underlying beliefs might be holding you back and find more clarity on your own contribution in shifting our society towards a sustainable future. Leave with first next steps and insights into how you might make a living out of it (for that is part of the shift!).

We will begin with the bigger picture: what is the dominant worldview that informs the realm of work and life? How has our thinking about work and money changed over time? Through conversation we will explore what we see is needed in the world now and what meaningful work looks and feels like to you. Before lunch we’ll invite you to examine your beliefs and assumptions around money, and possibly challenge some of them (don’t worry, all in a playful way – whenever we can, we love to play!). In the afternoon we’ll touch on topics of vulnerability, creativity and collaboration as key elements of meaningful work. We’ll create a space in which you can deeply reflect on your gifts and how you can bring these out into the world. You’ll formulate your next wise step, and possibly a full plan of action! 

Early Bird until September 17th!
Early Bird Student: €99,- / Regular: € 179,-

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Student: €159,- / Regular: € 289,- 

The fee includes all workshop materials, coffee/tea breaks with organic snacks, refreshments throughout the day and a small gift. Lunch is not included, you can either bring lunch yourself or have some at the cafe de Ceuvel. 

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7 October 2017

Until September 17th! Students: €99,- / Regular: € 179,- Late Birds: Student: €159,- / Regular: € 289,-

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