Tour at De Ceuvel

Tour at De Ceuvel

Onze verontschuldigingen, dit bericht is alleen beschikbaar in English.

We’re excited to announce: The Ceuvel Tours are back in business! If you’d like to get to know De Ceuvel, learn more about how it started and its different sustainable technologies, then come on this tour.

During and after the tour there will be many opportunities to ask questions and have more in-depth conversations with us. We have space for a maximum of 10 participants.

Price: € 12,50
Duration: 1 hour
Language: English

The site of De Ceuvel is not very wheelchair-accessible, but it’s not impossible either. Please contact us for more information.

The tour takes place outside, even if the weather is bad, so please bring your own protective clothing or umbrellas.



30 August 2020


De Ceuvel

starts: 13:00

ends: 14:00