Words That Speak: Intro to Compassionate Communication

Words That Speak: Intro to Compassionate Communication

Onze verontschuldigingen, dit bericht is alleen beschikbaar in English.

Compassionate Communication, based on Marshall Rosenberg’s ‘Nonviolent Communication’, is a transformational communication process. It guides us in expressing ourselves with honesty and listening to each other with empathy and compassion by developing a consciousness of feelings and needs.

At its heart, NVC holds an intention to connect so that even in the most challenging conflicts we are able to reveal the human beauty in one another. On the surface level it is a very simple 4-step process. In its deepest practice, it provides a radical paradigm shift and a pathway to embodying a life of compassion.

Since being founded, NVC has spread around the world and has been applied in many different fields such as…
– personal development
– intimate relationships and families
– schools
– therapy and counselling
– organisations and institutions
– conflict resolution and mediation
– diplomatic relationships and business negotiations

This workshop will introduce the foundational principles and focus of NVC, as well as the 4-step process. It is suitable mostly for beginners who are just developing a curiosity, or if you are looking to refresh your knowledge. It will be facilitated by Sunnibell Halpern and Jocelyn Ames, founders of Dandelion’s Door and Becoming Together – platforms for embodying, practicing and bringing NVC into daily life in Amsterdam.

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Cost: €28,- pp

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14 January 2018

€ 28,-

Metabolic Lab

starts: 15:30

ends: 18:00