Workshop: Sustainability in Action

Workshop: Sustainability in Action

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How do we respond with wisdom to the challenges of this rapidly changing world and move towards sustainability?

Are you passionate about sustainability, but often feel overwhelmed and powerless? Do you wonder how you can have an impact in your life through your work and support the change we want to see in the world? Do you feel you might be ready for some action or a next step in your life? Learn how to navigate the complexity behind your daily actions while aligning them with your inner self. Find your own contribution in shifting our society towards a sustainable future. 

We start with a bird’s eye view and explore several lenses to look onto the topic. In the morning we will dive into systems thinking and scientifically based sustainability principles (and explain why and how they work). In the afternoon we will connect these to your organisation/ project/daily life and explore a practical tool to strategically plan towards sustainability. We will close the day with clear takeaways for the “low-hanging fruit” of your project, long term goals, and the pathway to get there.

Early Bird until September 17th! 
Early Bird Student: €99,- / Regular: € 179,-

After September 17th: 
Student: €159,- / Regular: € 289,-

The fee includes all workshop materials, coffee/tea breaks with organic snacks, refreshments throughout the day and a small gift. Lunch is not included, you can either bring lunch yourself or have some at the cafe de Ceuvel. 

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8 October 2017

Until September 17th! Students: €99,- / Regular: € 179,- Late Birds: Student: €159,- / Regular: € 289,-

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