Young Changemakers Community: The Circular Economy

Young Changemakers Community: The Circular Economy

Onze verontschuldigingen, dit bericht is alleen beschikbaar in English.

Starters4Communities and partners host this community for young people who want to kick-start or advance an impact driven career. It enables, inspires and connects young people to start their own social enterprise, take on social challenges together or find work with impact driven employers. Normally the Young Changemakers Community gathers at Impact Hub. This edition, we will come together at De Ceuvel in Amsterdam-Noord and talk about implementing the Circular Economy.

Recycling, repair, re-use, remanufacturing or refurbishing, these are all methods social entrepreneurs adopt to create value in the Circular Economy. With new smart ways and more durable designs we can fight mass consumption and transform away from the make, take and dispose economy. 

For this Young Changemakers Community we have invited entrepreneurs working in the Circulair Economy to share their story and pose a real challenge to the audience.

De Ceuvel is a city playground for innovation and creativity. An experiment in which we try to make sustainability tangible, understandable and fun. De Ceuvel loves to share its knowledge and hopes our vision will grow, spread and multiply. 
This evening we invite you to be inspired by our story and dig into their challenge to find creative solutions in an interactive co-creation session.

***The first challenge revealed:***
Het Ware Noorden is a platform in Amsterdam-North based on De Ceuvel that makes smart use of old materials. They do this by connecting craftsmen with whoever is interested to rebuild new items. Do you want to know how they do this and how they scale their platform? They will explain it all and together with you generate ideas for sustainable growth. 

The second enterprise and their challenge will be announced shortly

We start the event with inspiring cases from two circular initiatives. 

We put our brilliant minds together to help these entrepreneurs move forward.

We end the evening with drinks, networking and reflect on the lessons learned.

Why join?
Get inspired, learn and connect with impact-driven young changemakers and social entrepreneurs. And have a good time!

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12 September 2017


Metabolic Lab

starts: 18:45

ends: 21:00