In the Press

Lots of different media have covered De Ceuvel. Here is an overview of the most important publications.


WDR radio
(April 2019)


A German radio discussed Amsterdam’s tourism issues and De Ceuvel’s sustainable solutions


The Independent
(March 2019)


British paper The Independent showcases the most important developments in Amsterdam North!


Travelling Foodcast
(April 2019)


The podcast ‘The Travelling Foodcast’ chats with our programme manager Tycho Hellinga


Dutch Ministry of Domestic Affairs
(June 2019)


The national government discusses the case of de Ceuvel in this lengthy report on fostering new innovations


(June 2019)


Photographer Marjory Haringa portrayed Cafe De Ceuvel’s team and was published in the Financial Times


RTL News
(July 2018)


An article discussing how Cafe de Ceuvel became a forerunner in sustainable hospitality


(July 2018)


TEDx Amsterdam covered our ideas on how to create a cleaner, greener future for everyone


Oh My News: Korea
(June 2018)


Reporters from Korea are taking inspiration from our experimental approach


RTS Swiss
(December 2018)


Swiss radio discusses our circular experiments and problems with gentrification in the Buiksloterham area


(August 2018)


Together with Trashless.Earth we show how waste collection can be made fun at Trashlesstival




We are included in ARTE’s documentary on life on Amsterdam’s canals


Watt If?


The Watt If? documentary by MakeSense questions our energy production and consumption in an interview with chairman Chandar van der Zande


(May 2018)


Jesse Jorg from We The City being interviewed by German TV


(March 2018)


French TV discovered us! Chandar and Joey show them around De Ceuvel.


Earther (Gizmodo)
(March 2018)


According to Earther we are “the greenest place in Europe”!

(February 2018)


“So many iniatives on one location, that gives inspiration and a great opportunity to learn.”


Le Monde
(January 2018)


Le Monde published an article about De Ceuvel and our sustainable technologies. (French)


(December 2017)


‘De Kennis van Nu’ made an episode (‘In de blockchain bubble’) about the blockchain and De Ceuvel’s newest initiative: the Jouliette.


Het Parool 
(November 2017)


“The former Ceuvel-Harding shipyard is a great newcomer in hip and green Amsterdam.” (Dutch)


NHK Japan
(October 2017)


Japanese media discovered us too!


Het Parool
(september 2017)


An article in Het Parool about the Jouliette. (Dutch)


DUTCH, the Magazine
(August 2017)


Lovely illustrations about De Ceuvel.


(July 2017)


“Make the world great again”, a short documentary about Café de Ceuvel. (Dutch)


(June 2017)


A short film by ZoominTV: “Why these Dutch youth are redesigning productivity”


(March 2017)


“De Ceuvel describes itself as ‘one of the most unique and sustainable urban developments in Europe’, and they might not be exaggerating.” (Dutch)


(February 2017)


Aat Vos has written a wonderful book: 3rd4ALL, which has an extensive review of De Ceuvel.


The Economist
(January 2017)


Eva Gladek gives a tour of De Ceuvel in the short documentary The Earth Circle: making environmentalism pay its way by The Economist.


Het Parool
(December 2016)


An article in Het Parool about Boeren & Buren. (Dutch)


ZDNet Japan
(november 2016)



A short article on a Japanese news website about the biogas boat.


(September 2016)


An article by ArchitectuurNL about the asphalt for the biogas boat. (Dutch)


China Times
(September 2016)


The mayor of Taichung has also visited De Ceuvel.


Let It Grow

(August 2016)


A short film about our aquaponics system.


(June 2016)


According to Nachtbrakers we are “king in the north”! (Dutch)


The Wall Street Journal
(May 2016)


De Ceuvel in The Wall Street Journal as one of four One-of-a-Kind Experiences in Amsterdam.


Echappées Belles
(May 2016)


French TV discovered us too! In this documentary Wouter Valkenier talks about the vision behind De Ceuvel.


Taiwanese TV
(April 2016)


De Ceuvel on Taiwanese TV in a programme about the Netherlands, we assume. From 22:30 Eva Gladek explains some of our sustainable technologies.


(March 2016)


An in-depth article in Citiscope about the circular urban development in Buiksloterham and the role that De Ceuvel plays.


Algemeen Dagblad 
(December 2015)


Our cafe “is a great place to spend the afternoon; reading, chatting or wokring behind your laptop.”


(November 2015)


An article with beautiful photos from the Japanese magazine “Sotokoto”.


Deutsche Welle – English
(August 2015) 


Guus gives Deutsch Welle a tour of de Ceuvel and shows off our Cleantech Playground.


(April 2015)



The AT5 programme De Straten van Amsterdam pays us a visit in their episode about our Wubbo Ockelsplein. (Dutch)


Radio 1
(April 2015)


Radio 1 reporter Reinout Meijer came to De Ceuvel and made a report for Dit is de Dag. (Dutch)


De Tijd
(January 2015)



A nice article in the Belgian newspaper De Tijd about De Ceuvel with photos by Jan Rosseel. (Dutch)


Het Parool
(December 2014)



A nice interview in Het Parool with the daredevils from Café de Ceuvel. (Dutch)


Greenz Japan
(November 2014)


An article in a Japanese magazine about De Ceuvel.


The New York Times
(November 2014)


Even The New York Times has published an article about De Ceuvel.


(oktober 2014)


De Ceuvel won the Frame Design Public Award in 2014!


De Volkskrant
(August 2014)


“What a view”. Eva Hoeke explores the best outdoor drinking spots in the Netherlands. (Dutch)


(July 2014)


“While you are relaxing in a hammock, your kitchenwaste is being digested into biogas and your pee is being transformed into nutrients for the greenhouse.”


Academic Media Institute
(June 2014)


‘Botenland de Ceuvel’ (‘Boat Country De Ceuvel’) is a video made by students about the project. (Dutch)


(March 2014)


De Ceuvel featured in the Tegenlicht documentary “De Kracht van Water”, which features Eva Gladek from Metabolic from 07:30. (Dutch)


De Telegraaf
(April 1994)


An article in De Telegraaf from 14th May 1994: an interview with the last owners and residents of the Ceuvel-Volharding shipyard.


 Lonely Planet



Café de Ceuvel is a “top choice bar” according to Lonely Planet!