About Café de Ceuvel

Café de Ceuvel has been founded by people that would like to make a difference in the world, and that starts with your plate. The world food system is one of the biggest causes of climate change and many other social problems in the world. That’s why we are on a quest for truly good food and drinks. This goes further than a label that says ‘organic’. We are coöperating with a large amount of initiatives that make sure that every plate, beer or drink that we serve make a positive impact somewhere else. For instance, we are making our own soda’s with the organic syrups of Saru Soda, we are growing our vegetables together with Mijn Stadstuin in Amsterdam-West and our bitterballs are made of oyster mushrooms that grow on coffee grinds.

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Closing The Loops

We are also working hard to close loops on the site. We are recovering phosphates from urine, we have a greenhouse on the roof where we are growing our own herbs and we are building world’s first Biogas Boat in which we can transform our organic waste into biogas to cook on!

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The Building

The building has been designed by architect Wouter Valkenier. He constructed the building completely from upcycled materials, such as 80-year-old bollards from the port of Amsterdam and an lifeguard beach pavillion from Scheeveningen. Studio Valkenier was also responsible for Hannekes Boom, BRET and Stadstimmerstuin.