The entire menu of Café de Ceuvel is plantbased

    • Sweets

      from opening till closing

    • Chocolate Brownie*

    • Lemoncurd-Gingercookie cake


    • Carrot Cake*

    • Lunch

      from 12:00 till 16:00

    • Fresh herb gazpacho*


      cold soup with yogurt, green apple and jalapeño

    • Chive Feta on Bread*


      with tomato marmalade, cherry tomato, sprouts and fresh herbs

    • Pide with beans


      topped with various beans and gherkin, roasted apricots/peach with green herbs


    • Fava with Grilled Vegetables*


      A yellow split pea puree with salsa verde, served with a chickpea pancake

    • Beetroot salad*


      with capers, balsamic, horseradish and rye bread

    • Snacks & Sides

      from 16:00 till 22:00

    • Salted nuts

    • Fresh fries


      with mayonnaise

    • Bread


      with three different oils from the Oil Library

    • Kalamata olives and pickles

    • Feijoada*


      with spicy salsa

    • Oyster mushroom "bitterballen"


      crunchy deep-fried balls served with mustard

    • Crisps ’nd Dip


      fresh herbs dip with plum chutney and flatbread crisps

    • Dinner

      from 18:00 till 21:30 | These are small dishes. Choose two or three for a full meal.

    • Fresh herb gazpacho*


      cold soup with yogurt, green apple and jalapeño

    • Seaweed spaghetti with zucchini*


      with sauce vierge, artichoke cream and pangrattato 

    • Roasted Salsify*


      with lapsang cream, fried garlic and mushroom vinaigrette

    • Small Pointed cabbage-kohlrabi salad*


      with carrot-ginger dressing, mung beans, peanuts, green beans and red pepper

    • White Asparagus*


      with tender eryngii and bearnaise sauce

    • Mushroom-soybean broth


      with charred leeks, fennel and young potato

    • Salt purslane with baby potatoes*


      radishes and cucumber dressing

    • Lemon Risotto*


      with green asparagus and nettle

    • Sun-dried Tomato Ravioli


      with seaweed-olive pistou, baked cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, rocket and sea lavender

    • Creamy polenta*


      with baked apple, peach, turnip and hazelnut

    • Dessert

      from 18:00 till 22:00

    • Seaweed Baklava


      with strained yogurt, pears stewed in white wine and pistachio

    • Silk tofu


      with rhubarb, elderflower and oatmeal