The entire menu of Café de Ceuvel is plantbased

    • Sweets

      from opening till closing

    • Chocolate Brownie

    • Lemoncurd-Gingercookie cake


    • Carrot Cake

    • Lunch

      from 12:00 till 16:00

    • Onion soup


      with bechamel toast

    • Mushroompate on bread*


      with smoked sauerkraut, pickles and dill

    • Bapao


      steamed bun stuffed with cauliflower and vadouvan, with peanut sauce and salad

    • Bean stew with chestnut mushrooms*


      and kale, smoked pecan and sliced bread

    • All about beet salad*


      with capers, balsamic, horseradish and rye bread

    • Snacks & Sides

      from 16:00 till 22:00

    • Salted nuts

    • Fresh fries


      with mayonnaise

    • Bread


      with three different oils from the Oil Library

    • Kalamata olives and pickles

    • Fried Kimchi Pancake


      with nori, spring onion and spicy mayonnaise

    • Oyster mushroom "bitterballen"


      crunchy deep-fried balls served with mustard

    • Crisps ’nd Dip


      fresh herbs dip with plum chutney and flatbread crisps

    • Dinner

      from 18:00 till 21:30 | These are small dishes. Choose two or three for a full meal.

    • Onion soup


      with bechamel toast

    • Pointed Cabbage*


      stewed in sage butter, hazelnut, mustard beurre noisette, pointed cabbage cream and fried sage

    • Confit Winter Carrots


      with oatmeal and black walnut

    • Small all about beet salad*


      with capers, balsamic, horseradish and rye bread

    • Smoked Sauerkraut


      and salsify, beurre blanc and potato croutons

    • Baked Radicchio*


      with ricotta, stewed pear and orange

    • Galette


      with turnips, fennel and apple

    • Four Seasons Pepper Risotto*


      with celeriac, kombu broth, cavolo nero and pickled red peppers

    • Jerusalem Artichoke Lasagna


      with black garlic beurre blanc and walnut

    • Crispy Oyster Mushroom


      with whiskey apple syrup, ‘hete bliksem’ (apple-potato mash) and red cabbage salad

    • Dessert

      from 18:00 till 22:00

    • Seaweed Baklava


      with strained yogurt, pears stewed in white wine and pistachio

    • Spiced Pumpkin Pie


      with miso dulce de leche sauce, a chocolate tuille and sea buckthorn