Podcast caravan


In addition to the two venues that you can rent for meetings and gatherings, we also have a Podcast caravan on De Ceuvel. Are you looking for a great place to record your podcast? Or do you want to work on your new idea in peace and with focus? The Podcast caravan is your place! The Podcast caravan has no standard studio set-up. You can work quietly, hold zoom meetings but also make recordings

This unique studio on wheels is located on the De Ceuvel, a creative and sustainable playground in Amsterdam-Noord. In the Podcast caravan, you have a view of the water and will not be disturbed.

The space is for rent for €25,- per half day. Do you need recording equipment? We can set up a set for you with microphones & a mixing desk to record four tracks. Costs: €90,- euro per session.


If you would like to make use of this offer, please let us know before you make a booking via www.podcastcaravan.nl, so that we can arrange the set-up. Contact Suzan: 0644648329 / contact@podcastcaravan.nl