Can I park my car at De Ceuvel?
De Ceuvel has limited parking options so we recommend everyone to come by bike. We are only 5 minutes by bike from the Buiksloterweg ferry or the Distelweg ferry. Still coming by car? Park around the corner at the Kropaarstraat. Parking costs are €1.40 per hour (July 2021). Watch out: Parking along the yellow line on the Korte Papaverweg, where De Ceuvel is located, can get you a €100 fine!

What are your opening hours?
See our footer (bottom of the website) for our current opening hours.

Can I come by boat?
Yes, you can. We have a special dock where you can moor. On sunny weekend days, the dock may be full. It is not possible to reserve a spot for the boat jetty.

I am disabled and would like to visit. How accessible is the terrain/cafe?
Unfortunately the terrain of De Ceuvel is not very accessible. There is a scaffolding across the terrain which you can use in a wheelchair. There is a toilet for the disabled but it does not have a brace, this will be installed soon. The cafe is on stilts and therefore not accessible with a wheelchair. To enter the cafe there is a small stair with three steps. The terrace is accessible with a wheelchair. If you have any other questions, please send an email to info@deceuvel.nl.

Ceuvel Association

Can I rent space at De Ceuvel for my meeting/ brainstorming/workshop?
Yes you can, see the link for more information: https://deceuvel.nl/nl/locatieverhuur/.

I would like to rent a desk/atelier at De Ceuvel. Is that possible?
Occasionally a spot becomes available. For more information send an e-mail to secretary@deceuvel.

I would like a guided tour of the De Ceuvel site. Is that possible?
Yes you can, see the link for more information: https://deceuvel.nl/tours/.

Café de Ceuvel

Do I need to make a reservation?
If you want to be sure of a place, that is a good idea. You can reserve a spot through this link: https://deceuvel.nl/nl/cafe/reserveren/

What are your opening hours?
See our footer (bottom of the website) for our current opening hours.

Can I bring my dog?
Yes, you can. There are also other dogs, cats, rabbits and babies walking around on the De Ceuvel site. If your dog does not react well to these, leave it at home or leash it. Always follow the instructions of the staff.

I would like to perform with you. Who should I email?
For more information please send an email to bands@deceuvel.nl.

What is the maximum size of a group reservation?
From May to the end of September the maximum group size for cafe reservations is 20 people. Would you like to visit with more than 8 people? Please fill in the form for groupreservations here.

Can I rent Cafe de Ceuvel / Terrace privately for a party?
No, that is not possible. We want to keep Café de Ceuvel accessible for our other guests.