The Biogas Boat

Read more about our decision to stop this project here:
Old description of the project:
Café de Ceuvel is currently building the world’s very first Biogas Boat. This boat has the ability to convert organic waste into biogas that will be used to cook with in the restaurant. In this way, de Ceuvel is taking its next step towards its mission to close as many loops as possible and to reduce its waste production, contributing to an increasingly sustainable circular economy.
In the Biogasboat, we are building a biodigester that converts all the organic waste produced at de Ceuvel into biogas, which can be used to cook with. The remaining digestate is a rich source of nutrients for plants and insects. The most important aim of the Biogas Boat is to close the loop of organic matter while inspiring guests and other entrepreneurs. 
And it is all in the name: as you might have figured, the Biogas Boat can sail! In the nearby future, she will go from festival to festival to collect organic matter to convert it into gas and fuel, thereby showing the larger audience the great potential of waste.