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Urban Interior Design


Urban Interior Design

Urban Interior Design is a design studio with a cooperative workplace in the heart of de Ceuvel in Amsterdam Noord. We work together with our community in this temporary village of creativity where we are looking for new ways to use materials and integrate this in a variety of designs. From our former boat, now creative haven, we run a variety of projects and actively support the community with constructive and aesthetic design support for the village of boats. The studio is open for use by other initiatives and is often turned into a live music stage during our divers season programming at the Ceuvel.

How does UID make a difference? 

We care about the details, context driven creation is the key!

Why do you feel at home at the Ceuvel? 
Coming from an intimate involvement as part of the initial group of builders and planners that created the Ceuvel. All of the wonderful past en present developments regarding this place make it a thrill to be a part of and makes you wonder where this will lead.

Marcel van Wees