Ceuvel Kids Nature Explorers (6-12 years): What kind of weather is it?

Ceuvel Kids Nature Explorers (6-12 years): What kind of weather is it?

Nature is integrated into all the systems of De Ceuvel. It’s a connection we cherish, since it’s a joyous and generous companion. That’s why we love to pass on that connection to the next generations, by organizing fun, playful and educational experiences for children. So if you feel your kid is a city-dweller that could benefit from a bit more nature in their life: come and
join us in the Ceuvel Kids -Nature Explorer activities!

Every day in every season there is something to experience or to do in nature. That is why we take the children outdoors as much as possible, sharpen their senses and let them discover everything for
themselves. Then we will use that to create something…

Every afternoon has a different theme, so every time there will be a different outcome. Sometimes you create something to take home and sometimes what we do will remain in nature and in your heart as a memory…

Fifth edition July the 10th:
Playing with the weather, the wind and the wind directions. We are going to build a wind station from empty plastic bottles so you can see how strong the wind is at home!

Other themes on the other Wednesdays:
– Willow twig magic (March)
– City Safari & Deep Mapping (April)
– Making our own edibles (making butter & lemonade ourselves) (May)
– FlowerPower on your shirt (June)
– What sort of wheater is it? (July)

De Ceuvel (usually we stay on the Ceuvel premisses or in the neighborhood)

Every last Wednesday of the month

13:15 – 14:30 (4-6 yrs, with an accompanying adult)
15:00 – 16:30 (6-12 yrs)
Two children of different ages? Then you can also come with both kids to one of the time slots.
Please contact us.

€10,00 (parents for free: have fun with your child)
Max. of 12 kids

Dress code: 
Prepare suitable for the weather at hand.

Really bad weather?
If it’s really that awful, we’ll take some nature indoors

10 July 2019


De Ceuvel

starts: 15:00

ends: 16:30