CEUVEL SESSIONS // Fernando Oliveira “Foreing Sound”

CEUVEL SESSIONS // Fernando Oliveira “Foreing Sound”

Ceuvel sessions at the cosy Café de Ceuvel. Featuring this time Fernando Oliveira and his: “Foreing Sound”. Book a table HERE.

In Portuguese slang, “Wave” not only captures the essence of musical genres but also resonates with the colloquial expression of being in a good vibe, riding the wave of positivity.

Wave by Fernando Oliveira is a vibrant tribute to Bossa Nova and Samba, blending global music and culture. With original compositions and international interpretations, it promises an immersive experience, celebrating the universal language of music.

Fernando Oliveira: guitar and vocals
Raf Martinez: bass
Felipe Duarte: drums / percussion
Michiel Brinkmann: piano


18 April 2024


Café de Ceuvel

starts: 21:30

ends: 22:30