DIY Workshop Natural Cosmetics

DIY Workshop Natural Cosmetics

Yummie Life Naturals is back with another crash course on making your own natural health and beauty products!

Ever wondered what exactly goes into cosmetics? Have you ever wanted to make your very own customized products? In this DIY Workshop Yummie Life will inspire you to take matters into your own hands by teaching you how to make your own natural health and beauty products!

The afternoon consists of an inspiring presentation and a workshop in which you’ll get to make 3 nourishing products to take home with you.

In this edition of DIY Natural Cosmetics, we will make deodorant, herb oil and face cream. We provide you all the necessary materials and ingredients, and you’ll learn the basics of DIY skincare and aromatherapy to continue making your own products at home. 

Yummie Life Naturals is an Amsterdam based natural health and beauty products business. Its core mission is making sustainable and nature-driven lifestyle accessible for everyone. This is why we care about sharing information and methods in do-it-yourself way, where participants learn how to address some of their everyday needs themselves. For more info visit

Price | €40 incl. intro to DIY cosmetics, 3 products (to take home!), instruction manuals, refreshments & snacks

Contact for questions |

By happy coincidence, in addition to the Cosmetics workshop, De Ceuvel is also organizing a clothing swap day outside from 11:00 till 16:00. So you can come in the morning with your clothes and then join us for the cosmetics workshop!

21 May 2017

€ 40,- inc. materials

Metabolic Lab

starts: 14:00

ends: 17:00