Earth Connection – Rooted & Wild

Earth Connection – Rooted & Wild

In our globally connected, performance-oriented & fast-paced world, we witness how injustice and destructiveness are deeply embedded in our systems and society. While we try to desperately hold on to the familiar, the transition towards a life-sustaining society is on its way. A world rooted in community, compassion & deep respect for each other and the earth.

This transition starts with deeply listening to our bodies, exploring which parts need our attention. When we feel more at home in our bodies, we can start cultivating our belonging to the bigger body of earth. From there, we can start living in symbiosis with nature, nourishing our care and support for our local communities.

Everything starts here, at this very moment.

From our connected self, we will strengthen our deepened relationship with the earth and our community.
Together we will explore:

⫸ What arises in this moment?
⫸ What do I care for?
⫸ What do I want to nourish in my life?
⫸ What is my relationship with nature/the earth like?

Through mindfulness, movement, sharing practises and journaling, we learn again to slow down and listen to all our senses. In this way, we strengthen our resilience and love, to be fully present to the state of the world and our role towards collective healing.

We will engage our bodies, our minds and our hearts, thereby deepening our connection with earth. How would it be if they worked in harmony to guide us on our life path?

Kawire Gosselink worked for an environmental NGO and is now exploring how to live a life fully devoted to the healing of ourselves, our planet and our society. She is amazed by nature, the elements and animism. Kawire loves moving her body and practices meditation and spiritual ecology. She shares her journey on Wild Heart for Earth.

Lara Egbring has been a full-time food waste activist and continued her journey with The Root of Life, a project that is devoted to the inner transition we need to step into, in order to support outer change towards a life-sustaining society. She uses Nature Connection Practises, Mindfulness, Authenticity and Empowerment work to create space for reconnection and building resilience.

Date: Thursday, August 27th
Time: 19:15 – 21:30. Doors open at 19:00. Allow yourself some time to arrive, grab some tea and cookies before
we get started.
Cost: Pay-as-you-feel after the workshop (Suggested donation € 10-15,-.). We trust your decision about how much you can contribute to support the work we are doing.
Sign up: We work with a sign up list! Please send us an email to to reserve your spot, there are limited places available!
Location: Metabolic Lab @ de Ceuvel, Korte Papaverweg 2, Amsterdam.
A big thank you to de Ceuvel for offering their space!

Be welcome to join us on this journey of reconnection!

27 August 2020


Metabolic Lab

starts: 19:00

ends: 21:30