Photo exhibition // Sailing Cargo Movement

Photo exhibition // Sailing Cargo Movement

Every year, powered by the wind in their sails, Tres Hombres and the Gallant traverse the Atlantic Ocean and European seas, transporting their precious cargo of fine products and unique delicacies like rum, coffee and chocolate. These two sailing ships are a symbol of what is possible: inspiring a sustainable shift in the way we navigate the global food trade.

Pierre Fromentin joined the crew of Tres Hombres over 4 months in 2019, sailing from the Caribbean to Amsterdam, before making his way down the river Thames to London aboard the Gallant. This audiovisual exhibition offers a window into a world of dreaming sailors and distant shores, casting us in the lives of those whose belief in a cleaner world took them to sea.

You will also be able to taste and buy the sailed products in the Cafe de Ceuvel right across the exhibition space in the Crossboat with various Tres Hombres Rums from the Canary Islands, Barbados or the Dominican Republic, the KAAP Koffie roasted in Amsterdam and the chocolate bars from De Chocolatemakers also based in Amsterdam.

19 September 2021



starts: 13:00

ends: 20:00