Ginger Beast Launch Party

Ginger Beast Launch Party

Finally available at Café de Ceuvel: ginger beer by the Ginger Beast! After a year of trying recipe after recipe we’ve finally succeeded in getting it just right! And of course we have to celebrate! So we’re hosting a launch party at Café de Ceuvel! On this evening, not only our two first recipes Hibiscus and Black Tea will be available, but also four of our latest experiments; recipes which contain chocolate, curcuma, hops, cardamom and rosewater. We hope that you’ll come taste with us and please let us know which experiment succeeded and which didn’t, so we can go back and tinker some more with the brews. And besides these experiments, the Ceuvel barcrew have prepared two delicious Ginger Beast cocktails for some more tasty adventures!

But besides drinking and tasting ginger beer, we’re of course giving a sweet party, celebrating that the Beast is out! This means music till we drop.

11 February 2017


Café de Ceuvel

starts: 21:00

ends: 00:00