King Ceuvel is sold out. But not to worry! Extra door tickets are on sale from 20:30 to 22:00. Be there early because First come First serve. Due to the full programme, we will start a bit earlier than initially indicated, so longer and more party!

*We do not have a guarded checkroom


Main Stage
20:30-21:30 Radikal Rupert (DJ)
21:45-23:00 Cavolo Nero (Live)
00:00-01:00: Allus De Band (Live)

Secret Garden Stage
Wynnm 20:30 – 21:00
Shaggy Greys 21.30 – 22.30 feat. Wynnm & Moguido
Kabaya 23.00 – 01.00

01:00 – 03:00 AJUMA

Metabolic Stage
DJ ROKI & MAXI 01:00 – 03:00

Koning Ceuvel 2o24, perhaps the last Koning Ceuvel as you know it. So this year we’re going extra big on King’s Night! More acts, more dances, more people & even more love. Our urban oasis is on fire with the slipway as a dance floor and various artists going wild on the veranda of our pavilion on the water. With no less than 2 outdoor stages with live music and a night full of exciting DJ’s.




Guess what Allus the band from Groet plays… a bit of everything! From pop to hard rock, and everything in between. And with the most charming Dutch lyrics, one thing is guaranteed: you will dance & be surprised. Whether you want to or not.

The Utrecht-based band Cavolo Nero is a psychedelic groove band, born out of love for funk, disco, and afrobeat. Bring your loose hips and dance to exotic vibes with modern influences and psychedelia, falsetto hooks, and shredding synth solos. Cavalo Nero has previously performed at Noorderslag, DTRH, Zwarte Cross, and ITGWO.

Eva Maasen, better known as Ajuma, has been a welcome guest on the Dutch dance scene for several years now. With a carefully compiled selection of dynamic records, she knows how to create an inviting atmosphere on the dance floor. Weaving together diverse sounds from all over the world, she mixes genres such as afrobeat and (leftfield) disco with a wide selection of other quirky electronic sounds. Sometimes obscure. Always danceable. Ajuma has previously played at Lowlands, DTRH, ITGWO and BKS with this year’s De Ceuvel also on the golden list!


When DJ Roki and Maxí spin together, you know there will be dancing to rolling house and techno. For years they have joined forces behind the booth, small festivals and clubs in the city.

From his record bag or his usb, for dj roki it’s all about one thing: grooving together to the finest house. Expect rolling bass lines, energetic kicks and an unstoppable urge to dance.

Amsterdam-born producer Maxí spent years releasing music under various pseudonyms before starting his solo project. With a background in more minimal styles, Maxí plays a mix of hypnotic techno, stripped-down house and fast breaks. His recent and first release on VIAVIA introduced the scene to his unique sound.

Expect two different styles that together will rock the dance floor. Prepare for a groove that will make you want to keep dancing.


Musician, all-round music lover and DJ Radikal Rupert has been playing in jazz, funk and reggae bands and has recently released an album with the Amsterdam Funk Orchestra His passion for music also speaks through the grooves of his records. He is a resident DJ at Noorderlicht Café, Volkshotel and BIMHUIS

Shaggy Greys combine a high energy mix of folk-rock-reggae with a touch of soul and lots of groove. Their journey started 6 years ago as the dynamic Shaggy Greys duo feat. Dean Medina (vocals, guitar) and Derek DeBono (percussion) — on rooftops, giant cargo bakfietsen, hotel hallways, stages big and small most notably the legendary Beats on a Boat stage where they entertained thousands of guests from across the world during hundreds of concerts over the years.


Five-Man Psychedelic Afro-Funk Band
operating out of Amsterdam

Collecting Killer Grooves and Makin’ the People Move. Five musicians, adepts of obscure recordings from all over Africa, connected through the Amsterdam jam scene.

KABAYA is an homage to styles from places as varied as Nigeria, Mali and Congo, held together b= by one thing: Rhythm. In the short time they’ve been together, Kabaya has created an array of high paced, foot stomping songs, infused with Desert Blues, Afrobeat, and African Rumba, to achieve the ultimate goal of making the crowd dance till they drop.

Trance-inducing guitar tones and a hypnotic polyrhythmic drumbeat, interlocking with pulsing bass patterns and psychotropic synth sounds. Currently delivering afrofunk all over Amsterdam and beyond

Kai Horino, guitar
Kris Herres, guitar
Robbert Mosk, synths
Samuël Koopman, bass
Sem van der Peet, drums


Wynnm knows how to access universal emotions with her dreamy and narrative music. Her unique voice and fingerpicking-styled guitar emanates folk undertones from her home state of Idaho. Paired with her band, ambient and atmospheric influences, she creates an intimate, unique and Wild-West-like live listening experience. Her debut EP “Moonwalking” (2020) received international radio and streaming attention, and 2023 will mark the beginning of a new release season of new waves from this up and coming, flowy artist. 


Moguido is the band of Amsterdam-based rapper/guitarist/producer/singer Guido Schotten. With his unique skill of rapping while playing guitar, the live show is a combination of rap, neo-soul, funk, jazz and folk.

26 April 2024


Café de Ceuvel

starts: 20:30

ends: 03:00